Pre-med Society

This spring I joined the Pre-med club here at Central. The Pre-med club focuses on the process to get into medical school and what medical school and what practicing like a physician is like. Many admissions representatives from medical schools have visited along with medical students and physicians. The Pre-med club allowed me to connect … Continue reading Pre-med Society


American Chemical Society

At the end of the fall semester, I joined the American Chemical Society. I have been interested in ACS since last year but unfortunately have not been able to attend many meetings since I have always had class on Monday nights. My Monday night labs did not change this year but my interest in ACS … Continue reading American Chemical Society

Hello! Welcome to Comp Day!

For the Leadership Advancement Scholarship, everyone serves on a LEAD team that is run by upperclassman LAS students. This is my second year serving on the Competition Day LEAD team. Being part of comp day for LAS is such an exhilarating experience. So many high school seniors show up that day full of energy and excitement to … Continue reading Hello! Welcome to Comp Day!