Being A Mentor

Becoming a mentor was what I looked forward to all last year. When we picked our mentees last spring, I was ecstatic. I made an elaborate┬ávideo to reveal myself to John as his mentor and then went to his high school to surprise him and take him out to coffee and lunch. When summer began, … Continue reading Being A Mentor


Pre-med Society

This spring I joined the Pre-med club here at Central. The Pre-med club focuses on the process to get into medical school and what medical school and what practicing like a physician is like. Many admissions representatives from medical schools have visited along with medical students and physicians. The Pre-med club allowed me to connect … Continue reading Pre-med Society

PHL 118L: Moral Problems

Philosophy 118 has been the only philosophy class that I have taken but I can assume that most philosophy classes are not as interesting and strange as this one was. The class is centered around moral problems such as utilitarianism, euthanasia, abortion, morality and religion, the death penalty, sexuality, war, and many more. The topics … Continue reading PHL 118L: Moral Problems

Connection Conference 2016

Part of LDR 100 class is attending a connections conference at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. The conference includes attending several speakers of your choosing, meeting other leaders from CMU, and of course swimming in the water park. Some people would not know how much joy a water park can bring to college … Continue reading Connection Conference 2016