• download (2)Vegetarianism- This has become a new passion of mine since coming to college. Growing up in Northern Michigan, a vegetarian is not common to come by. Everyone from home thinks I am crazy for not eating meat. But since coming to college, I’ve been able to become a vegetarian with the support of my roommates and other friends. Vegetarianism has many benefits (for your health and the world). Not eating meat reduces your risk for heart disease. But more importantly, vegetarianism can help reduce global warming. Livestock produces more green house gases than cars and trucks ever will. Not eating meat can also help end world hunger. 40% of our worlds grain production goes to feeding livestock. If we just took that grain and fed it to the people who are starving to death, we could feed an additional 40 billion people. Crazy huh.
  • Line 5– Line 5 is two Canadian oil pipeline that runs under the Mackinac Bridge. The pipeline is now over 60 years old and poorly took care of. Enbridge, the company that owns the pipeline, holds the record for the largest in land oil spill in the nation. And yes it was the spill in the Kalamazoo river. The great lakes hold 20% of the worlds fresh surface water. That is a lot to put at stake for an oil line that does not even provide oil to our country. The oil runs from west Canada, through the Great Lakes, and then back into eastern Canada. Line 5 could be detrimental to not only Michigan, but to our world. That is a lot to put at risk for oil. If you want to know more about Line 5 check out this short documentary (seriously like 15 minutes long).

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