Start With Why

For our LDR 100 class, we had to read a leadership book and make a presentation for our class. My group has the book¬†Start With Why by Simon Sinek. What we took away from the book was as the title would suggest, before you do something, figure out why you want to do it. One … Continue reading Start With Why


COM 267L: Intro to Debate

Another class that my cohort had the privilege to take together was COM 267L. I was originally very nervous for the class because I am not a fan of public speaking but those worries were quickly extinguished. Public speaking is less stressful when you're in a room of 20 of your closest friends and you … Continue reading COM 267L: Intro to Debate

Spark Leadership Conference 2016

Spark Leadership conference is day long opportunity for individuals to develop their leadership skills. I was fortunate enough to attend the fall session of Spark this year. While attending Spark, I was put into a group of about 10 other students and an upperclassmen facilitator. The day started like any other conference we go to, … Continue reading Spark Leadership Conference 2016


"Leadership Safari is far none the number one college student leadership conference in the country." Leadership Safari is a week long program designed for incoming freshmen and transfer students. They allow the participants to move into Central¬†a week early to help transition into college and develop leadership skills that will help them throughout their college … Continue reading 2016 LEADERSHIP SAFARI