HST 110L: American Experience

History was never a class that I looked forward to. You're probably expecting me to say "until now because HST 110L changed my perception on the subject". Unfortunately that is not where I was going with that. HST 110L didn't make me fall in love with history but I didn't dread going to class like I … Continue reading HST 110L: American Experience



Leadership- the action of leading a group of people or an organization. The state or position of being a leader. So there is a definition of leadership for you. But is leadership a yes or no? To me leadership is a no. To me leadership is making your own decisions which is often me saying no. … Continue reading YES OR NO??

Connection Conference 2016

Part of LDR 100 class is attending a connections conference at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. The conference includes attending several speakers of your choosing, meeting other leaders from CMU, and of course swimming in the water park. Some people would not know how much joy a water park can bring to college … Continue reading Connection Conference 2016

Spark Leadership Conference 2016

Spark Leadership conference is day long opportunity for individuals to develop their leadership skills. I was fortunate enough to attend the fall session of Spark this year. While attending Spark, I was put into a group of about 10 other students and an upperclassmen facilitator. The day started like any other conference we go to, … Continue reading Spark Leadership Conference 2016