downloadLeadership is important because without leaders there would be no change and no direction. Everyone would just walk around aimlessly. Leadership is essential to our world People do not wake up one day and are just leaders. They watch others and replicate attributes that they admire. This is how leadership is created; watching others and learning something from each one and combining them to form your own leadership. Being a leader means leading by example so others can learn from you and become their own leader.

downloadThe quality that I admire most is respect. The highest form of respect is being made into a role model. Being a role model means that someone wants to be like you in some way. Growing up, I had many role models and took away something from each one. I learned dedication, perseverance and many other characteristics from athletes that I looked up to. My mom played a large role in developing my work ethic and morals. I looked up to these people and wanted to be like them in some sort of way. I then just took what I liked about them and developed those traits in myself. I strived to be a leader; I just wanted to be a role model.

download (1) A role model is someone that others look to as an example to be imitated. I wanted people to look up to me in every aspect of my life. That is why I strived to excel at athletics. That dedication led me to be a captain of the team. I wanted excellence in my academics and that led me to being at the top of my class and running tutoring programs. I was put in these leadership roles not because I wanted to be a leader, I just wanted others to be able to look at me and see attributes that they wanted to have themselves.

No one sets out to become a “leader”. They want to become someone that people look up to. They want people to have admiration of their qualities so they duplicate them and can become someone to look up to as well. As a role model, I strive to lead by example and that is my leadership philosophy.