Student Government Association–

download (5)During the fall semester, there were emergency elections held for positions in the Central Michigan Student Government Association. I ran for a seat in the senate and I received the position. I became the senator for the College of Medicine for the first semester and switched to the College of Health Professions the second semester. SGA has meetings every Monday night from 7-9. The first hour we are broke into several committees. I am in the Spirits and Tradition committee. After committee, we go to the senate meeting where we debate legislation and try to change the school for the better. On top of Monday night meetings, I host three office hours a week. One of them is held in the SGA office and the other two I can host in any place of my choosing.


Future Involvements–

SGA took up a lot of my time this year so I didn’t have the chance to get involved with anything else. In the future I would like to join the pre-med club because that is what I am pursuing in my future.

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