Hello! I’m Susie Brilley. I’m from a small town in northern Michigan called Pellston. Pellston has about 800 residents and my graduating class was a total of 22 students.

imagesI am now a student at Central Michigan University. I am majoring in biochemistry to go pre-med. I want to become a pediatric oncologist (children’s cancer doctor).
I enjoy playing sports, math, and reading. My favorite candy is watermelon sour patch kids and nothings better than snuggling up under a blanket. My favorite food is toaster strudels and I am a vegetarian. I love sloths (how can you not??) but I’m terrified of cats (it’s a real phobia, look it up).

The whole fam

My parents divorced my freshman year of high school but my mom is newly engaged. I am the middle child of seven girls in my family (three step sisters).  We range in age from 24-14.

My mom, Amanda, Me, Ryann, Madison

On Central’s campus, I’m involved in a few organizations. I am part of the Leadership Institute (LAS), Student Government (SGA) and hall council. For SGA, I am a senator for the College of Medicine and for Hall Council I am also a senator for third floor Barnes.