download (3)Woah, it’s the end of my freshmen year. Woah, I just got a mentee. As I have discussed before, through LAS I received a mentor, Derek. But now it is my turn to get an incoming freshmen as my mentee.

Everyone says that the mentor/mentee relationship is different for everyone and that is true but I learned recently that there are some guidelines. In our LDR 200 class, we took a day to have a mentor workshop.

download (2)The workshop talked a little bit about our relationship with our mentors now but we mostly focused on what we wanted out of the relationship with our mentees.

The main focus of the workshop was that the relationship is for the mentees, not us. Thinking back on this year with Derek, I understand how much he has done for me. Times that he has put my needs before his because I was having a rough day.

imagesThe point of the relationship is to help the mentees in their first year. I have been at CMU for a year now and I am suppose to have my life together. I know about most of the weird things that happen at Central (I don’t think anyone will ever truly understand all the weird stuff).

I am really looking forward to next year with my mentee. I understand that sometimes I am going to have to put him first. I am very excited but if he’s not as excited, I am going to understand and not overwhelm him.


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