When I was first asked what I wanted to be involved with on campus, I said student government (SGA). At the time, I didn’t really know what that entailed. Luckily I met some friends who could really help me out.

I ran in the emergency elections in the fall to become a senator. Each senator is assigned a college and since I am interested in going into pre-med, I was assigned the College of Medicine.


To give you a little run down of what Student Government is like in college, it is a lot like a small US government. There is a president, vice-president, treasurer, a house, and a senate. There are also committees that we all participate in. Anyone involved in SGA can write legislation and present it to the house and senate. Then there is a discussion on the piece and it is voted on. If it is passed in the house and the Senate, then the E-board takes it to the college’s administration. After that, it is up to the administration to put it into place.

As a senator, I was required to host 3 office hours a week. One of them I was in the SGA office for but the other two I could be anywhere I wanted. Office hours are held so that if anyone has a question for SGA or needs anything from us, they can just come and talk to us. But we also work on Senate projects during office hours.

SGA meetings were every Monday night. It would start off with us breaking off into our committees for the first hour. I was in the spirits and traditions committee which is focused on (if you couldn’t guess from the name) Central’s school spirit. This involves us selling SGA merchandise and things like that. After committee meetings, I would then go to the Senate.


Senate is the more serious side of SGA. There are only 20 senators and we are all there because we’re passionate about making a change in our school. Most of the time we had to be very serious but we all still made it enjoyable. We hung out during Senate tabling in the library and one night we skipped our meeting and went to half off apps at Applebees.


SGA was a good organization to be a part of my first year. I learned a lot about CMU and a lot about RSO’s.

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