A key component to LAS is our LEAD teams. We have a LEAD team for most of the events that the Leadership Institute puts on. The teams are run buy LAS students.

This year I was originally put on the special events team but because of conflict of meeting times, I was moved to the comp day team. I was overjoyed when I heard this because Comp Day was my first choice for a LEAD team.

When I participated in Comp Day my senior year of high school, it was a blur to me. We were just doing a bunch of activities with the promise of a chocolate fountain at the end of it (I know incentive enough to push through the long day).

This year it was much different. I was in charge of facilitating tours along with Molly Gadola, and Rachael Kremm. This meant that I put competitors into groups and sent them off with the tour guides.

LAS ’16 cohort excited to welcome our “prospective mentees”

After the tours, my cohort got to go mingle with the competitors and their parents. Unfortunately, two days before comp day, my roommate fell on my leg while ice skating and sprained my ankle. This meant that I was on crutches for comp day so I was a little limited in the people could mingle with. After the infamous Dan Gaken speech, I went back to my room and took a nap. This was definitely a benefit of not being a competitor this year.

Being a part of the comp day LEAD team definitely gave me a new perspective on the competition. When I was a participant, everyone was stressing that even if I didn’t get into LAS that I could still be part of the Leadership Institute. Seeing comp day ran by all sorts of leaders around campus, not just LAS made me realize how true that is. The LI is a place for anyone who cares about leadership.

I would enjoy being a part of the Comp Day LEAD team again because it was rewarding to see all the students competing for LAS and knowing that I had a part in welcoming the new LAS cohort.


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