For our LDR 100 class, we had to read a leadership book and make a presentation for our class. My group has the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

What we took away from the book was as the title would suggest, before you do something, figure out why you want to do it.

One major point that the book made was the Golden Circle. Which pretty much just means start with why you want to do something, how are you going to do it, and then you figure out what you are going to do.golden-circle

Another part of the book was Saying what leaders should be. Some of those qualities included inspiring people, being passionate, and being personal.

You are more likely to follow someone who is inspiring to you. Someone who gives you hope and someone who you can look up to. If that person is also passionate about a subject, you want to learn more about it to see what all their hype is. And when you have a personal connection with someone, not only are you more comfortable, but you’re more likely to listen to what they say and follow them.

My group also made a short video about different age groups reasons to start with why if you’d like to peep that.


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