Part of LDR 100 class is attending a connections conference at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. The conference includes attending several speakers of your choosing, meeting other leaders from CMU, and of course swimming in the water park.

Some people would not know how much joy a water park can bring to college students. This is one thing I am glad that the Leadership Institute understands. The conference was about making connections with other leaders and what better way to do it than bonding over the joy that a couple hours in a water park brings.

One part of the conference is that after dinner on the first night, you kinda get to speed meet the other people there. You’re given about a minute with each person to talk a little and exchange social medias and then you walk around and find someone else and start 14915229_10154188844004075_4306122172426607867_nover.

They had given us pizza right before this and I am often distracted by pizza so.. honestly, I was standing outside eating pizza while most of that happened.

<– I did however get in the group picture so it’s all good.



To end the first night, they did it in typical Leadership Institute style with a dance party.

And yes I did bring my rooms favorite stuffed frog Chubbs along with me for pizza and dancing.


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