Spark Leadership conference is day long opportunity for individuals to develop their leadership skills. I was fortunate enough to attend the fall session of Spark this year.

While attending Spark, I was put into a group of about 10 other students and an upperclassmen facilitator. The day started like any other conference we go to, with ice breakers. We did a couple to get to know our group and then we combined with another group and did them again.

After an infamous Dan Gaken speech, we each took a  leadership style quiz. I was put into a systematic leadership group. It was interesting to see what we thought were our strengths and weaknesses compared to what other leadership styles believed.

We then moved onto some bigger group projects. Half of us were taken into one room. We were told that we weren’t allowed to speak any English and instead they were going to teach us a new language. It turns out that this new language is extremely awkward and unconventional. With our new language, they made us play a game. We all got cards that were a different color and had a number 1-7 on them. With only using this new language, we had to trade cards until we had a complete set of a color.

This doesn’t sound too hard until you’re trying to do it without just cheating and speaking English. It was a challenge especially because there were limited amounts of some numbers.

Overall, Spark Leadership is a great experience. You learn a lot about your leadership style and you get to meet a lot of people who are as committed to becoming a leader as you are. Oh and you get pizza!


The pizza is why I’m smiling


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