“Leadership Safari is far none the number one college student leadership conference in the country.”

Leadership Safari is a week long program designed for incoming freshmen and transfer students. They allow the participants to move into Central a week early to help transition into college and develop leadership skills that will help them throughout their college career.

In the beginning of the conference, we were assigned a leadership team along with a safari guide. I was part of team Jaguar. Within these groups, we do a bunch of team building activities and attend safari events together.



Honestly, Safari is exhausting. You start your day at 8 every morning and are going until at least 11 every night. You’re doing a ton of walking especially if you live in north campus like I do. All of the walking gives you a good cognitive map of the campus though. I will always know how to get from Barnes (my residence hall) to the SAC.

Safari forces you to meet a ton of new people. You’re surrounded by other students who are in the same position that you are. They’re excited to be at college but also scared to be at college.

During Safari, you get to listen to many speakers and performers. My favorite this year was the slam poet The Asia Project. He talked about many relevant issues such as cancer, family, and transgender and I think it really hit home with a lot of us in the crowd. If you ever get the chance, I suggest you see him. He’ll have you laughing and crying within minutes.


Leadership Safari is an incredible and unique experience that Central offers. Coming to campus a week earlier than everyone else is an opportunity that gives you an advantage over the other incoming students. You meet a ton of new friends, find your way around campus, and strengthen your leadership skills. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone who is coming to Central Michigan University.


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