I’m a mentor??

Woah, it's the end of my freshmen year. Woah, I just got a mentee. As I have discussed before, through LAS I received a mentor, Derek. But now it is my turn to get an incoming freshmen as my mentee. Everyone says that the mentor/mentee relationship is different for everyone and that is true but … Continue reading I’m a mentor??


Student Government Association

When I was first asked what I wanted to be involved with on campus, I said student government (SGA). At the time, I didn't really know what that entailed. Luckily I met some friends who could really help me out. The president of SGA was in my LAS family. I ran in the emergency elections … Continue reading Student Government Association

Connection Conference 2016

Part of LDR 100 class is attending a connections conference at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. The conference includes attending several speakers of your choosing, meeting other leaders from CMU, and of course swimming in the water park. Some people would not know how much joy a water park can bring to college … Continue reading Connection Conference 2016